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Let’s make it easier to bear in mind the Left 4 Useless zombie names

As we’re all settling into Again 4 Blood matches with our pals, we’ve clearly been evaluating it to it’s forerunners Left 4 Useless and Left 4 Useless 2. If we’re trustworthy, a giant a part of that has been saying “Wait, what was that known as once more?” as we encounter new Ridden mutations and examine them to our long-forgotten reminiscences of the zombie apocalypses of the previous. 

We figured that we may prevent the difficulty by scripting this Left 4 Useless zombie names information, the place we’ll make the plain comparisons to their Again 4 Blood counterparts. 

Frequent Contaminated

Common Infected Left 4 Dead

These are your primary, greenback retailer zombies. The Horde are the commonest enemy you’ll encounter in Left 4 Useless. They’ll chunk and claw at you, however you don’t have to fret a lot as a result of you possibly can’t truly get contaminated your self. The Ridden are their counterpart in Again 4 Blood. They’re precisely the identical, however a bit extra purple. 

What are the zombie names in Left 4 Useless and Left 4 Useless 2?

The Boomer

Boomer Left 4 Dead

The Boomer is a rotund trying zombie that spits noxious bile at survivors. It will probably blind foes and attract crowds of frequent contaminated to assault targets. In Again 4 Blood it’s closest counterpart is a bloated mutant known as The Reeker, who does related issues, however is a bit tougher to kill. 

The Hunter

Hunter Left 4 Dead

The Hunter wears a hoodie and dives across the map, pouncing on foes and slashing at their faces. It’s closest counterpart in Again 4 Blood is the four-armed monster The Stinger, which is typically often known as a Chaser. 

The Smoker

Smoker Left 4 Dead

The Smoker is a monster that grabs survivors and tries to choke them out with it’s disgusting prolonged tongue. In Again 4 Blood we’d think about The Hag to be the creature most prefer it as each do bizarre mouth-based ambush stuff. Blech. 

The Tank

Tank Left 4 Dead

The Tank is the most important, strongest zombie round. He’s very high heavy, with huge shoulders and teeny-tiny little legs. It prices survivors after which punches them to loss of life. In Again 4 Blood, it’s most just like the Breaker, which is rather a lot prefer it but additionally has armor which you could break off.

The Charger

Charger Left 4 Dead

The Charger, properly, prices into human survivors along with his one actually huge arm. In perform he doesn’t have that a lot of a counterpart in Again 4 Blood, however the Tallboy has one actually huge arm, so we’re going to say the 2 are alike anyway.

The Jockey

Jockey Left 4 Dead

The Jockey is a smaller zombie that likes to latch on to people and assault survivors whereas driving on their shoulders. In Again 4 Blood the closest approximation is The Sleeper, who will disguise on partitions till a survivor walks previous. When it spots human prey, it’ll leap onto them and maintain them in place, making them a simple goal for the Ridden horde.

The Spitter

Spitter Left 4 Dead

The Spitter makes big puddles of inexperienced ooze that may burn survivors and injury them over time. It’s a fairly disgusting lethal means to have. In Again 4 Blood you’ll encounter The Retch, which has the identical troublesome energy.  

The Witch

Witch Left 4 Dead

The Witch appears to be like like a crying woman in her underwear and can merely sob till you startle her with flashlights, gunfire, or getting too near her. She’s very sturdy and might knock down people with just one strike. In Again 4 Blood you’ll should sneak previous the Snitcher, who has a really related moveset however typically screams much more. 

We hope you loved this information to Left 4 Useless’s zombie names. In case you’re a fan of Again 4 Blood, then you might have considered trying to take a look at our class for the sport which is filled with many related articles. 

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