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One other WoW 10.0 leak has emerged – how possible is it?

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Oh, would you have a look at that? One other WoW 10.0 leak has arrived. The brand new Wow 10.0 leak takes one other pop on the rumoured subsequent enlargement, with many gamers already speculating, given the latest circumstances across the newest Shadowlands cinematics Blizzard has revealed, akin to Tyrande and Sylvanus’ storylines. The 9.2 patch is getting nearer to the end line on the PTR. It’s only a matter of time till the enlargement attracts to its pure conclusion.

Many are trying in the direction of the following enlargement, as we at all times do. Somebody is now claiming the following enlargement is centred across the Dragon Isles. The Dragon Isles options the Dragon Isles zones, together with revamped world content material, story arcs, and different content material. We could have a little bit of enjoyable and entertain the thought of the leak. Beneath, you’ll discover essentially the most attention-grabbing components of the leak we expect are believable or price discussing.

WoW 10.0 Dragon isles enlargement ‘leak’

For context, we have now offered a hyperlink to the MMO Champion, the place the brand new WoW 10.0 leak originated. As soon as once more, take it with a pinch of salt, as you at all times ought to do with WoW leaks. And bear in mind, the Awakening leak was utterly bogus, so there’s an opportunity this one is likely to be too.

Dragon Isles – Seemingly

The Dragon Isles is one thing that Blizzard has at all times needed to do for a really very long time. The magical island the Dragonflights hang around at has at all times remained a thriller to mortals, but we all know for sure it’s a factor. Ever since Cataclysm, the dragons have been left alone to their very own factor, however Wrathions new Black Dragonflight performed an element within the Nyalotha story arc of BFA. Aside from that, not a lot has been occurring on their finish, not less than not within the forefront anyway. We did get a aspect quest in BFA that had the gamers serving to the Crimson Dragonflight, as Sinestra’s Twilight Dragonflight received cheeky towards the slumbering Reds within the Twilight Islands.

In the meantime, we all know the Obsidian Dragonflight, those corrupted by Deathwing. The story arc appears to be pointing to an eventual assembly with the Dragons as soon as once more, whether or not it’s the Infinite or Twilight dragon flight getting cheeky. The Infinite Dragonflight might even be working with Sovaal, particularly since he desires to undo the First One’s creations, and messing round with time may very well be a part of that plan sooner or later.

So, it appears very possible we might get the Dragon Isles, whether or not as an enlargement, patch or not less than extra story thread connecting the dots. Moreso, it’s a concept a number of content material creators have talked about not too long ago, akin to Bellular.

Azeroth’s world soul is a dragon? – Perhaps

The WoW lore has definitely been evolving an increasing number of in the previous couple of years, specializing in the cosmos and actuality, specifically. Ever for the reason that ultimate patch of Legion, the place we fought the World soul of Argus, it appears to suggest each planet has an extremely highly effective being at its coronary heart. It additionally matches into the story that the Burning Legion desires to deprave planets to Fel or destroy them, so the Void can’t take over on this actuality. In the meantime, the Titans maintain the established order of the World Souls, with the Titan constructs being able to regenerate planets.

On the whole, it appears these planets had been made within the Gentle, and by default, the First One’s picture, so to say the World Soul is a dragon-like being will really feel like a curveball with out correct rationalization. Nevertheless, Dragons appear quite distinctive to Azeroth, and maintain a variety of energy over Azeroth, taking over Azeroth’s elemental points. So, in that approach, maybe it could certainly be the case. It’s too onerous to inform, so allow us to hope whether it is true and the lore does it justice. 

A year-long cinematic within the making – Seemingly

It’s genuinely effectively accepted that the most effective issues about WoW are the cinematics of the sport and the artwork workforce constructing the world. To not point out that cinematics are a few of WoW’s most hyped components of the sport’s storytelling. Previous Soldier, Siege of Org 2, Sylvanus vs Bolvar, all extremely effectively made and advised is obvious the consequences, upcoming content material, or the results of the sport’s narrative at these factors. Solely this time, the enlargement launch must seize the hearts and minds of gamers as soon as once more, after BFA and Shadowlands had been suboptimal experiences for essentially the most half. And what to a approach to take action with a year-long advertising and marketing win within the type of one other unimaginable cinematic to set the spark. That is most likely essentially the most plausible factor in the complete WoW 10.0 leak.

Whether or not it’s a Dragon Isles themed love letter to the first-ever WoW cinematic opening is nonetheless the thriller of this story. Perhaps, possibly not.

World Shaping – Perhaps

WoW Mechagon
Mechagon was the final time world content material felt completely different and attention-grabbing. Picture by way of Blizzard Leisure.

It’s usually accepted that Blizzard’s world content material wants a significant overhaul as World Quests are both pointless or simply straight up dangerous when you must do them. So, there’s no approach that the QWQ system is allowed to go forward by itself because it was once more. A technique you can also make it attention-grabbing, extra fully substitute it’s by way of this attention-grabbing World Shaping system.

For these curious, the World shaping system is meant to be a world content material function that occurs to remodel and reshape the Dragon Isles. Apparently, biomes will change from desert to forest because the evening elves attempt to rebuild the world that has had its head kicked in. We’ll even get characters like Thrall again in, who performed an enormous half in Cata’s therapeutic course of after Deathwing bulldozed a number of zones. So, this neighborhood effort to reshape zones, and heal the planet is one thing that considerably is smart. It’s a part of WoW’s content material historical past, and we have now had the Fireland quest hub and the Gates of Ahn Qiraj zone leveling up as [players did more to the zone.

Lastly, the World Shaping system seems to mention that zone skills have effects on player engagement, Something may allow players to fly, teleport, or do other wacky stuff. It’s not the first time Blizzard messed around the idea, with Timeless isles having areas restricted to legendary wielders in MoP, while Mechagon had jetpacks to grant temporary flying etc. It is certainly in the character of Blizzard to re-do world content like this, the actual context in which it is done is the hard part to pin down. It is even something they are actively working on for 9.2 too.

What are your thoughts on the WoW 10.0 leak? Let us know in the comments below, or better yet, what features do you hope to make it in the next expansion?

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