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Warframe Orokin Cell Farm Information 2021

Orokin Cells are certainly one of Warframe’s most helpful assets, being an important element in crafting prime weapons, frames and elements. They’ve an opportunity to be dropped as loot by all of Warframe’s bosses, nonetheless, they’re fairly uncommon, and a few missions (and managers) have a larger probability of dropping Orokin Cells than others.

Whether or not you’re new to the sport or a sensible outdated Tenno, the following pointers offers you a larger probability of farming the valuable area potatoes for all they’re price.

Firstly, one of the best ways of farming Orokin Cells is by working these missions with mates, as a great crew will guarantee that you could cowl extra floor when looking out maps for Orokin Cell Arrays, in addition to supplying you with a better time relating to defeating troublesome bosses.

What gadgets may also help with Orokin Cell Farming in Warframe?

Though teamwork helps, it isn’t fully essential as Solo gamers may farm successfully by working the suitable missions and equipping sure frames.

All gamers can considerably enhance their probabilities of discovering Orokin Cells by equipping:

  • Nekros Warframe – His Desecrate capacity ensures that enemies have the next probability of dropping extra loot, together with Orokin Cells. This body could be very helpful for farming survival missions.
  • Khora Warframe – Her Pilfering Strangledome increase means a larger probability of enemies dropping extra loot. Her excessive DPS means extra enemies killed, and due to this fact extra loot.
  • Hydroid Warframe – The Pilfering Swarm mod for his Tentacle Swarm capacity means a larger probability that enemies will drop extra loot. Plus he appears to be like like a pirate.
  • A Grasp Thief mod – This offers you a larger probability to unlock locked lockers, and doubtlessly internet you any hidden Orokin Cells.
  • Useful resource Drop Likelihood Boosters will even – unsurprisingly – increase your probabilities of enemies dropping assets. You probably have them, be sure that to slap them in your Tenno earlier than beginning a mission so as to enhance your luck.

The place to farm Orokin Cells in Warframe?

With the following pointers in thoughts, listed here are a number of the greatest locations to farm Orokin cells in 2021.

warframe saturn orokin cells farm


Tethys – Assassination (Stage 24-26)

On this mission, you’ll need to defeat Normal Sargus Ruk, who will very kindly drop at the very least one Orokin Cell on loss of life. What a pleasant man! A fantastic bonus for this mission is that it has a excessive probability to spawn Orokin Cell Arrays, so search the map (and useful resource caches) totally to bag these additional Cells.

Helene –  Protection (Grineer 21-26)

Helene is a good farming map for levelling and farming assets. This Defence mission has a whole lot of enemies to kill, which provides you a excessive probability of getting a few of these candy, candy Orokin Cells as loot. What’s to not love?

Piscinas – Survival (Infestation 26-36)

This survival mission comes with an added +20% Useful resource drop probability, so it’s really useful that you simply carry a crew with you. Having at the very least one Nekros on the squad will be sure that their Desecrate capacity will increase your luck with loot drops.


Gabii – Survival (Infestation 15-25)

Gabii has a beneficiant +35% useful resource drop probability, and like the opposite survival, maps are nicely fitted to groups. Discover a useless finish and look forward to the enemies to come back to you. Extra teammates equal extra kills, extra kills equal extra drops, extra drops equal extra Orokin Cells. That’s good maths!

Exta – Assassination (Stage 14-16)

On Exta you’ll be assassinating Lt. Lech Kril and Cpt. Vor. That’s proper, two bosses, which implies double the prospect of receiving an Orokin Cell when you’ve killed them. This mission can also be helpful for farming, as a larger variety of Orokin Cell Arrays spawn, so exploration is essential. Are you able to consider they go away these items mendacity round? Convey a crew if you wish to cowl extra floor in much less time.

Seimini – Defence (Infestation 15-25)

This defence mission has an elevated +35% useful resource drop probability. It’s also a implausible total useful resource farming spot, as there’s a good number of loot dropped by enemies.

As all the time, teaming up with a Nekros outfitted with Desecrate offers you that bonus luck, plus somebody to insult enemies with.


orokin cell farming warframe 2021 guide

Magnacidium – Assassination (Stage 20-25)

Assassinating Lephantis is an efficient mission for Solo gamers because it’s a fairly straightforward struggle (shoot him in his mouths). Lephantis himself additionally has three heads, so he counts as three bosses (sadly he doesn’t put on three hats). Which means there’s 3 times the prospect that he’ll drop Orokin Cells! As a bonus, he additionally has an extra probability to drop neurodes.

Our Bonus Ideas for Warframe’s Orokin Cell Farming in 2021

Deploying Distilling Extractors on Ceres, Saturn and Deimos is a wonderful manner of passively farming Orokin Cells over time.  Deploying extra extractors will enhance your possibilities.

Hold a watch out for Alert missions – a few of these will even provide an Orokin Cell as a reward. You may by no means have too many.

Observe the following pointers and your pockets can be overflowing with Orokin Cells very quickly. So many you’ll be utilizing them as paperweights. 

Tell us beneath when you’ve got any extra suggestions to assist out your fellow farmers!

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